Stephens Farm
Come for a visit to Stephens Farm for fresh, delicious Michigan asparagus!

One taste of Stephens Farm’s freshly picked asparagus and you’ll be back for more! Most customers are repeat customers. Asparagus is washed and sorted, chilled on-site for maximum satisfaction. Custom packing is available, bagged or bunched. 1# for resellers. U-Pick asparagus, if you want to try it. MAEAP Verified.

What you can do here

Roadside Stand, U-Pick, We-Pick


Four-way stop in Walkerville, 1 mile north on 176th Ave., go east 800 feet, south side driveway.

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6537 E. Van Buren Rd.
Walkerville, MI 49459
Hours: May-June 20: 10am-6pm, daily
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